Let’s Grow Global- Mexico 2020 at Rancho Via Organica

Phrases like “food desert”, “food security”, “organic”, and “nonGMO” are becoming commonly used. But what does it mean on the individual level? Let’s Grow Global is answering that question with localized solutions to the many issues facing agricultural and food systems in communities around the world.


In January 2020, at Rancho Via Organica in Guanajuato, Mexico, C3L designed and implemented the first Let’s Grow Global program. An accredited, cross-cultural, training for South, Central, and North American students designed to give participants the full picture of food production and consumption. Students learned about topics such as water conservation in an arid environment, the growing challenges for small scale farmers, organic regenerative agricultural practices, and so much more.


Students from several countries and cultures came together for Let’s Grow Mexico 2020, in order to create lifelong connections and friendships, not only with each other but also to food and our food system. Food security is a global issue. Hunger doesn’t discriminate. It affects your local community just as it does the community in MX we were proud to support. Strengthening and educating local families on food access is how we will succeed in eradicating food insecurity in communities around the world. If you are interested in learning more about Let’s Grow Global or ways to educate your local community on food security and accessibility please email info@c3lassociates.org.

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Anthony Coggiola