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C3L Associates


Comprehension and understanding at all levels.

C3L Associates


Joining people, teams, and companies-building relationships.

C3L Associates


Uncover the Art of the Imaginable through Get It Done know-how.

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C3L Associates

C3L Associates

Assisting agribusiness, healthcare, and humanitarian related organizations with procurement of critical assets, development, and sourcing. Our mission is to positively affect people and the planet with our sustainable solutions all while increasing profits.

C3L Associates is uniquely qualified through our knowledge, experience, and relationships to provide powerful products and invaluable advice to businesses. We help them do what they do better, faster, and with higher margins.

Meet our CEO

Anthony Coggiola is a US Army Veteran with more than 30 years of experience in a variety of areas including; technology, education, healthcare, sustainable farming, managing non-profit and government organizations.

Anthony takes a holistic multidisciplinary approach to business development. Through C3L he creates and manages strategic relationships with other organizations to leverage their collective talents and expertise. He does this through identifying, researching, analyzing, and creating new business opportunities, alliances, solutions, and products.

Anthony Coggiola speaks on his latest Let's Grow Global regenerative agriculture education program- Lets Grow Mexico 2020

C3L Associates’ Services Include

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
  • Agriculture Emergency Response (AgERT)
  • Organizational Process & Performance Design and Implementation
  • Crisis Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Security Strategies
  • Executive Coaching
  • Sourcing and Acquisition
  • Operations Optimization
  • Emerging Technology Launches
  • Export Financing
  • Facilities Cost Reduction
  • Development and Construction
  • Healthcare Emerging Technology Systems
  • Regenerative Agriculture